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Moms for Liberty Chapters across the country have diligently sought out the strongest parental rights candidates in their areas. We proudly present the compiled list of candidates for the November 8th general election. * indicates that the candidate is recommended by their local Chapter but has not received an official endorsement


Joel Dunning, Benton County
Gail Pianalto, Benton County
Matthew Smith, Benton County
Tim Rosenau, Benton County
Yoselin Bolivar, Benton County
Shane Bray, Craighead County
Eric Hanes, Craighead County
Christy McKeel, Craighead County
Wendy Potter, Pulaski County
Jonathan Zacherson, Placer County
Marjorie Proffitt, Placer County
Jon Fenske, Placer County
Derek Counter, Placer County
Jessica Spaid, Placer County
Kent Meyer, Placer County
George Dykstra, Placer County
Jayson Wedge, Placer County
Jean Pagnone, Placer County
Jason Walker, Placer County
Erin Grover, Placer County
Casey Jeffereys, Placer County
Pete Constant, Placer County
Dave McEntire, Placer County
Breanna Spencer, Placer County
Mendi Chadwick, Placer County
Jessica Loman, Placer County
Renee Dowd, Placer County
Marla Franz, Placer County
Jacqueline Lostritto, Placer County
Dr Robert Jameson, Placer County
Kari Hamilton, Placer County
Tiffany Saathoff, Placer County
Phil Escamilla, Placer County
Alfredo Diarte, Riverside County
Betty Callaway, Riverside County
Courtney Cooper, Riverside County
Jennifer Grinager, San Luis Obispo County
Laurene McCoy, San Luis Obispo County
Frank Triggs, San Luis Obispo County
Luke Davis, San Luis Obispo County
Ashley Smeester, San Luis Obispo County
Scott Staton, San Luis Obispo County
Rebekah Koznek, San Luis Obispo County
Denise McGrew-Kane, San Luis Obispo County
Dan Hathaway, San Luis Obispo County
Jason Tesarz*, San Luis Obispo County
Peter Bryne*, San Luis Obispo County
Gary Loralemon*, San Luis Obispo County
Eileen Pham*, San Luis Obispo County
Dennis Delisle, Santa Clara County
Zoila Rollins, Santa Clara County
Linda Price, Santa Clara County
Andres Macias, Santa Clara County
Monte Dauer, Santa Clara County
Tammy Lariz, Santa Clara County
Marc Cooper, Santa Clara County
Vivian Mills, Santa Clara County
Jennifer Kavouniaris, Santa Clara County
Diane Melchionne, Fairfield County
Lisa Butler, Fairfield County
Joe Andreana Jr, Fairfield County

Stephanie Meyer, Pinellas County
Dawn Peters, Pinellas County
Jacqueline “Jackie” Rosario, Indian River County
Racheal Hand, St Johns County
Cindy Spray*, Manatee County
Al Hernandez*, Pasco County
Monty Floyd, Hernando County
Jamie Haynes, Volusia County
Gene Trent, Brevard County
Timothy Moshier, Collier County
Stephanie Busin*, Hendry County
Sam Fisher*, Lee County
Ben MacDonald, Allen County
George Nicklow, Allen County
Amanda Tokos, Allen County
Tim Hardt, Boone County
Marcus Such, Boone County
Brian Day, Howard County
Matt Hartke, Howard County
Deb Hearn, Howard County
Anne Ihms, Howard County
Jenny Kelly, Howard County
Ted Merrell, Howard County
Kenneth Ortman, Howard County
Dean Leicht, Howard County
Greg Stephens, Howard County
Larry Pinkerton, La Porte County
Chris Pinkerton, La Porte County
Jennifer Farlie, La Porte County
Eric Underwood, Tipton County
Jason Springer, Tipton County
Jerry Fernung, Tipton County
Jordan Aigner, Warrick County
Eric Franz, Warrick County
Tyler Heilman, Warrick County
Nicole Nurrenbern, Warrick County
Barbara Weber, Campbell County
Noah Gibson, Campbell County
Karen Strayer*, Campbell County
Cindy Young*, Campbell County
Allen Volz*, Campbell County
Valerie Rose*, Campbell County
Clem Fennell, Campbell County
Maggie Domanowski, Baltimore County
Rebecca Chessner, Baltimore County
Cory Koons, Baltimore County
Steve Whisler, Carroll County
James Miller, Carroll County
Tara Battaglia, Carroll County
Diane Alvarez, Harford County
Tanya Tyo, Harford County
Melissa Hahn, Harford County
Kayla Mariskanish, Harford County
Dennis Barry, Harford County
Joe B Mowery, Talbot County
Donna Nizolek, Talbot County
Todd Svehla, Talbot County
Debbie Bridges, Talbot County
Chad Everett, Branch County
Beth Pack, Grand Traverse County
Misten Mager Boysen, Grand Traverse County
Michael Barrett*, Isabella County
Katie Reid*, Isabella County
Janet Willoughby*, Isabella County
Andrew Curtis*, Isabella County
Robert Wondergem, Kent County
Joe Steffes, Kent County
Holly DeBoer, Kent County
Robert Cribbs, Kent County
Doug Lee, Kent County
Craig Ladyman, Kent County
Barb Helms, Kent County
Nicole Villegas, Kent County
Cal Morton, Kent County
Calvin Vander Boon, Kent County
John Brandow, Kent County
Tim Morris, Kent County
Dan Sherwood, Kent County
Thalia Tilma, Kent County
Amber Swift, Kent County
Jennifer Nichols, Kent County
Heidi Reed*, Kent County
April Patin*, Kent County
Traci Siager*, Kent County
Mistie Browser*, Kent County
Ted Spangenberg*, Kent County
Roman Rodriguez*, Kent County
Kevin Mclellan*, Kent County
Michael Brown*, Kent County
Benjamin Masterson*, Kent County
Karen Machioriatti-Waldron*, Kent County
Peter Bisbee*, Kent County
Ridchelle Lentz*, Kent County
Michael D Tharp*, Kent County
Mark A VanKuik*, Kent County
Mark A Robinson*, Kent County
Carrie Todd*, Kent County
Laura Tripp*, Kent County
Duane Gritter*, Kent County
William Mohr II*, Kent County
Jared M Blough*, Kent County
Chris German*, Kent County
Kyle Hoff*, Kent County
Amber Bremer*, Kent County
Kyle W Badge*, Kent County
Jacob Welch*, Kent County
Katie Stanton*, Kent County
Derrick Brock*, Kent County
Dominic Vendittelli, Macomb County
Carrie Cercone, Macomb County
Kevin Grand, Macomb County
Sherrie Hill, Macomb County
Monica Radyko, Macomb County
Jared Maynard, Macomb County
Sandra Hernden, Macomb County
Jody Lesinski, Macomb County
Sheila Cohoon, Macomb County
Kelly Oldani, Macomb County
 Mary Beth Stemmerich, Macomb County
Carol Beth Litkouhi, Macomb County
Dennis Talluto, Macomb County
Machelle Fitzpatrick, Macomb County
Kelly Austin Esper, Macomb County
Lesley A Gawel, Macomb County
Sara Ladwein, Midland County
Jimmy Sheets, Midland County
Mindy Cox, Midland County
Jeff Schaeper, Oakland County
Chris Kus, Oakland County
Carol Beth Lithouki, Oakland County
Lauren Wilson, Oakland County
Angela Angel, Wayne County
David Barr, Dakota County
Melissa Gorman, Dakota County
Becky Dewilde, Dakota County
Brian Thompson*, Dakota County
Kim Baker*, Dakota County
Bree Schindele*, Dakota County
Marilee Jager*, Dakota County
Todd Kullmann, Dakota County
Kim Rishavy, Olmsted County
Rae Parker, Olmsted County
Elena Niehoff, Olmsted County
John Whelan, Olmsted County
Angie Greig, Wright County
Tim Zbaracki, Wright County

Andrew Latchford, Alexander County
Brent Warren, Alexander County
Ginger Annas, Alexander County
Christa Roseberry, Alexander County
Lane Jarvis, Cabarrus County
Melanie Freeman, Cabarrus County
Sean Turner, Cabarrus County
Tim Moore, Chatham County
Jessica Winger, Chatham County
Brian Sloan, Iredell County
Michael Kubiniec, Iredell County
Anita Kurn, Iredell County
Abby Trent*, Iredell County
Sean Strain, Mecklenburg County
Melissa Mason, New Hanover County
Pat Bradford, New Hanover County
Pete Wildeboer, New Hanover County
Josie Barnhart, New Hanover County
Tanya Dalton, Transylvania County
Chris Wiener, Transylvania County
Gary Sides, Union County
Kathy Hientel, Union County
Jimmy Benton, Union County
Colleen Kamolnik, Union County
Sandra Green, Union County
Cheryl Caulfield*, Wake County
Monica Ruiz*, Wake County
Wing Ng*, Wake County
Becky Lew-Hobbs*, Wake County
Jackie Boegel*, Wake County
Chad Stall*, Wake County
Katie Long*, Wake County
Steve Bergstrom*, Wake County
Michele Morrow*, Wake County
Louanna Austin, Bergen County
Leann Frank, Bergen County
Liza Falato, Bergen County
Catherine Panico, Cape May County
Liz Nicoletti, Cape May County
Robin Shaffer, Cape May County
Claudia Marzella, Morris County
Kathy Stanzione, Morris County
Marc DeBoer, Morris County
Jennifer Portman, Morris County
Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, Morris County
Margry St. John, Morris County
Dawn Parkot, Morris County
Andy Choffo, Morris County
Jack Raia, Morris County
Yvonne Ferise, Morris County
Erin Heider, Morris County
Kelly Arzberger, Morris County
Chris Milde, Morris County
Daniel Pope, Morris County
Sharon MacGregor, Morris County
Dr. Peter Pappas, Morris County
Dominic Esposito, Morris County
Christine Egbert, Morris County
Gina Johnston, Morris County
Gregory Skiff, Morris County
Lisa Ferrara, Morris County
Carl Myers, Morris County
Dana Leonard, Morris County
Christine Grier, Ocean County
Heather Kertman, Ocean County
John LoVerde, Ocean County
Francis DiBenedictis, Ocean County
Madeline Lannarone, Ocean County
Michael Ramsey, Berkeley County
Mac McQuillin, Berkeley County
Joe Baker, Berkeley County
Kathy Littleton, Berkeley County
Dr. Jimmy Hinson, Berkeley County
Sally Wofford, Berkeley County
Chris Handley, Berkeley County
Michael Hemphill, Berkeley County
Forrest Bjork, Charleston County
Travis Bedson, Charleston County
Leah Whatley, Charleston County
Lee Runyon, Charleston County
Carlotte Bailey, Charleston County
Pam McKinney, Charleston County
Ed Kelley, Charleston County
Keith Grybowsky, Charleston County
Craig Stivender, Colleton County
Lynn Stroble, Colleton County
Daryl Erwin, Colleton County
Kellie Bates, Dorchester County
Erica Miller, Dorchester County
Eric Unger, Dorchester County
James Tupper, Dorchester County
Donald Reeves, Kershaw County
Brittany Robinson, Kershaw County
Steve Giagiakos, Lancaster County
Courtney Crump Green, Lancaster County
Demetra Cornwell, Lancaster County
Brooke Allen Temples, Laurens County
Richard Gehling, Lexington County
Aaron Granade, Lexington County
Katie McCown, Lexington County
Elizabeth Barnhardt, Lexington County
Nick Pizzuti*, Lexington County
Brad Dover, Pickens County
Amy Williams, Pickens County
Angela Nash, Richland County
McGee Moody, Richland County
Larry Small, Richland County
Joe Trapp, Richland County
Brent Faulkenberry, York County
Helena Miller, York County
Pete Nosal, York County
Connie Cullen, York County
Eric Mann, York County
Rachele Julien, York County
Jay Young, York County
Jay Rawls, York County
Joe Helms, York County
Keri Blair*, Shelby County
Daniel Chatham*, Shelby County
Carrie Schween*, Shelby County
Nicole Peters, Nueces County
Nicole Dowd, Nueces County
Heather Toolin, Travis County
Mike Sanders, Williamson County
Brandi Burkman, Williamson County
Shawn Leege, Williamson County
Paul Gauther, Williamson County
Linda Avila, Williamson County
Christopher Daniels, Bedford County
Susan Edgerton*, Laramie County
Mary Schmidt, Natrona County
Jenifer Hopkins, Natrona County
Renea Redding, Natrona County


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