Nebraska Legislature LB374 (The Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency) Hearing

This is a call to action! Our voices have been heard and now is the time to rally and advocate for our children!
The Nebraska State Legislature will be hearing LB374, “The Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency” bill on Tuesday, January 31 at the State Capitol in Lincoln at 1:30 PM.
Click "Introduced" to download.
Following is a summary of the bill:
  • Provides accountability and transparency of the schools and administrators to the parents and legal guardians through items such as a provisional parent portal.
  • Requires the timely distribution of information to parents and legal guardians as to all school activities their students will be required to participate in.
  • Provides protection of deeply held religious and moral beliefs
  • Prohibits indoctrination of students as well as prohibits individuals of any race ethnicity color or national origin from being made inherently superior or inferior.
  • Provides transparency of learning materials as well as school library content.
  • Protects teachers from violating their deeply held religious and moral beliefs.
A heavy oppositional presence will be attending this hearing and we need a huge presence of our members to attend to voice our support. People willing to volunteer and provide testimony is vital to get this passed as well.
If you wish to provide testimony and you need support, Moms for Liberty will be holding an informational meeting via Zoom on Sunday, January 29 at 4 PM. We are happy to provide coaching regarding testifying in front of the Unicameral. Text Tracee Baker at 402-490-8701 and we will then send you the Zoom link for the testimony prep meeting when it becomes available.
Personal stories hit home to our legislators. If you are a parent or a teacher (active or retired), please consider testifying. If you can’t attend, please consider submitting a written testimony via mail or email to your State Senator:
If you plan to attend, please reply to this message. Also, wear your Moms for Liberty shirt if you have one. Members of Moms for Liberty- Douglas County will also have stickers if you want to wear one on your shirt.
Please arrive early as the Capitol will be very full. No signage or weapons of any kind is allowed.
Also, please remember the Moms for Liberty Code of Conduct when representing our group.
This is a time when we are called to sacrifice and take time out of our schedule to rally together for the future of Nebraska's children. Together, we can push this bill over the finish line!

Location: Nebraska State Capitol
1445 K St
Lincoln , NE

Date: Jan. 31, 2023, 1:30 p.m. - Jan. 31, 2023, 5 p.m.